Artistic Statement

I was raised on AOR radio - album-oriented rock radio. I went to more rock shows than live theatre. I listened to more college radio than musical scores. My artistic tastes combine an appreciation for the sterility of midcentury visual art and my ecstatic response to the sonic spontaneity of sweaty boys in smelly bars.

Like the LP, I view the plays that I write in a given period as part of the same creative impulse. I consider my short plays as the tracks on a record, to be performed together much like the tour that follows an album release. This type of compilation does not ghettoize those of us with short attention spans to festivals and competitions. These records (sic) reflect a thought-/art-form in their own right. Challenging for small casts. Easy on small budgets. Ripe for a distracted public hungry for the variety of human experiences.

In a word, punk.