Juggling For Wellness (Level I)

The baller technique for mindfulness, core strength, and burnout prevention.

Finally a fun, funny way to meditate, raise your heart rate & work those triceps. This combination talk-workout-coaching session helps participants connect both sides of the brain, reignites their sense of humor, and offers a silly way to workout. Great as a pick-me-up in the afternoon slump.

Some balls provided. However, participants can bring 3 hacksacks, bean bags, or bandanas and be ready to get on their feet. Designed for all fitness levels. Ages 12+


  1. to learn a kinesthetic practice of meditation that connects mind and body
  2. to improve hand-eye coordination and enhance body awareness
  3. to laugh in the face of perfectionism

Juggling Meditation (Level II)

30 minutes of letting go

This session is for experienced jugglers—those that at least have the coordination and strength to juggle fairly consistently for minutes at a time. This quiet nonperformance session is designed to juggle without thought and without thoughts.


  1. to monitor inner dialog and emerging thoughts and how juggling is affected
  2. to limit thoughts not about the activity at hand to improve consistency in throws and catches
  3. to embrace the metaphor