Written and performed by Hope Lafferty

Directed by Rhianna Basore


One woman's love letter to the shy and studious,
centered around a box and her ongoing war with gravity.

World Premiere - Fresno Rogue Festival, March 2020
Official Selection - Fort Worth International Fringe Festival V (2021)


Review by Rebecca Potts, King's River Life
9 March 2020

Hope Lafferty traveled all the way from Texas to bring Inhibitionist(!) to the Rogue Festival, and we are lucky to have her. Inhibitionist(!) recounts Lafferty’s life from her unconventional birth to the havoc she has wreaked on herself since with educational nuggets about psychology peppered throughout. The show is uplifting, hysterical, and at times, heart wrenching. There are many tales of broken teeth, black eyes, and how humans, particularly women, put things in our own way.

Lafferty is an expert performer, plowing through cell phone rings and car alarms and rolling with every interruption and distraction as though it was part of the show. As a performer myself, watching her fluidity and professionalism was extremely impressive. The show has the feel of a stand-up comedy routine, which puts everyone at ease while keeping them fully engaged. She makes the audience feel like her best friends by the end of the show and when it’s over, you’ll want to see more!

Fresno Rogue Festival Preview Show
Donald Munro, The Munro Review
6 March 2020

Lafferty made an impact on the preview crowd with a wordless two-minute bit in which she wrapped herself in a long towel, mummy-style. (Sometimes visuals can have a bigger impact when you’re in a preview show that involves lots of shouting into a microphone.) Her act is described as “one woman’s love letter to the shy and studious.” Sounds (and looks) intriguing.



  • This is a worthwhile show with moments of sharp humor and thought-provoking insight. The performer has a great understated stage presence.


  • Funny, thoughtful! And this performer deals with interruptions with panache!


  • Provocative, insightful. A fun, funny, and thoughtful presentation.


  • Strong Hopie! She is amazing: intelligent, funny, honest and wonderful!
Hope could have committed murder on stage and the audience would have been right there with her.”

— Beth McLaughlin, Actor