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Once I stepped outside of my mindset and saw things through "her" lenses, Hope helped me feel like my choices in moving forward with my clients made more sense.

Bobby Gallegos
Sales Professional & Coach
Salt Lake City

Not only is Hope one of the easiest people to have a conversation with, she pinpoints needs and asks necessary questions. Hope’s enthusiasm and creativity show in every aspect of her work.

David Wuller
Financial Advisor
Franklin TN

You will love this woman's brain! I am always surprised—and inspired—by the connections Hope makes on the fly. Every conversation is a feast.

Alec Lee Williams
Executive Producer
Austin TX

HOPE Infusion for COACHES

This 21-day COACH TRIAGE is perfect for

  • high-performing individuals
  • business coaches
  • professional speakers
  • financial professionals
  • psychotherapists
  • perfectionists
  • solopreneurs
  • anyone who's sick of having to have all the answers

Spark your creativity
Untangle your mental knots
Revitalize your perspective
in just 3 weeks!

Start the process by answering a few questions and getting a few answers to your questions.

HOPE Infusion for WRITERS 

This customized one-on-one program will help you develop a specific written work. 

  • business books
  • stage plays
  • memoirs
  • personal essays
  • instructional manuals
  • scientific texts

Clients must submit a one-page proposal outlining the idea behind the written work and their experience both as writers and as having other people read their writing.

Start your dream project
Finish your dream project

This can also be the focus of the COACH TRIAGE.


Hope Lafferty

is a learning facilitator, writer, serial solopreneur, and creator of the podcast Hope Lafferty's Existential Crisis.

She works with high-performers, Type A personalities, thought leaders, and those who value critical thought as much as—if not more than—positive thinking.

Her method blends work (writing), play (juggling), and stillness (meditation) to help her clients shift their mindsets and develop breakthrough habits.

Plus, she's a lot of fun to talk to.