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Habit FinderTM is not another personality test

It gets behind the personality to evaluate your habits of thinking.
Which ones help you and which ones might be getting in the way.

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So, Hope, what is the Habit Finder?

I discovered the Habit FinderTM in 2016, thanks to a video campaign with Dave Blanchard that I stumbled upon, shortly after I read Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In.

In his series of three videos, Dave had a nice way about him. He seemed like an honest guy. A good egg. Smart. I trusted him.

Then I took the assessment.

As someone educated in the social sciences, I love my psych tests. I've taken everything, starting with the Myers Briggs when I got laid off from my first job in the early nineties (it was the consolation prize in lieu of a steady paycheck).

I've taken (and loved) the DISC, the HBDI, anything offered by the training department at my long-term jobs, and myriad more-or-less bogus assessments online.

I might have the Lucy Van Pelt gene: I like to understand something about myself so I can label it.

You might relate.

Without getting into all the math, the beauty of this assessment is that

  • it's not a questionnaire
  • it's quick
  • no two results are alike

That makes it a little more challenging to interpret, but no two people are alike anyway. Let's stop clumping them into categories.

Or labeling them.

I went on to work with both Dave and Paul Blanchard to, essentially, get my head out of my ass. Courtesy of the Habit Finder.

Many people in my life have witnessed this transformation. Though it's not without the bumpiness inherent to big life changes, understanding how I think has allowed me to understand my favorite organ (my brain) in a way free of neurosis, shame, or weakness.

If you feel like you're at a crossroads—or if you want to allow yourself to explore where you are—take the Habit Finder.

Then talk to me about it. The Habit Finder changed my life. Maybe it'll change yours.