Clown In Situ panel at FRINGE MARFA (photo by Mark Lowry)

Clown In Situ panel at FRINGE MARFA (photo by Mark Lowry)

Former Group Therapist. Serial Solopreneur. Intuitive Communicator.

Hope's career as a facilitator began in elementary school when she devised puppet shows and improvised skits with her 4th-grade classmates during lunchtime. Maybe she was just a fast eater who had a restless streak, but this impromptu pastime with her closest friends got her thinking about other students in the class that might have talent. By the end of the school year—with the help of her piano-playing mother and her Piagetian teacher—Hope executive produced (for lack of a more inchoate term) a variety show that her class put on for the entire third grade.

This at age 10.

Skip forward a few decades, a couple degrees, a number of certifications, and a patchwork career, and we arrive at the Hope Lafferty of this moment. The hepta-hyphenate communicator who still sees hidden talent, has trouble staying in one place, and probably eats too fast.

Recent Projects

FRINGE MARFA - the inaugural 2-day festival of critically acclaimed independent theatre on the high desert of Far West Texas

Dresden Collective - the rotating band of actors based on the US-Mexican border that perform independent work of local playwrights—and then take them on the road

Juggling For Wellness - the baller technique for mindfulness, core strength, and burnout prevention (coming to a yoga studio or professional conference near you!)


Bachelor of Arts in Social Psychology, Boston College
Master of Arts in Group Work, The University of Chicago
Training Certification, Association for Talent Development