Life After Wellness

Sitting Still or Still Sitting?

In May, I broke both wrists. 

That makes it sound like my injury was self-inflicted. 

Dadgum reflexive verbs... 

I slipped and fell. Gravity took it up a notch. 

But let's be frank. Before I slipped and…

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What's the Opposite of Eat Pray Love?

When I decided to leave my husband over a year ago now, my original plan was to move up to my folks' place temporarily. They have a little studio on their property where I planned to live, to be…

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Not Now, Honey. I've Got a Client.

Snapshots of a Workaholic  March 2013. Nashville, Tennessee. 

I'm on vacation. Well, I'm supposed to be on vacation. 

My (second) husband moved to Nashville six weeks earlier to get acquainted with the music scene. He's spent time in Austin and…

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Hope Is Not A Business Plan

Three months ago, I hit a new low. 

I was looking at my bank accounts online. My two business checking accounts totaled $40 and $20, respectively. My savings account totaled $30. 

You read that right: 40, 20, 30…

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I Was In the Stanford Prison Experiment

When I was in college, the study of psychology focused on the weird. Textbooks were rife with examples of bizarre behavior and man's inhumanity to man. 

One of the most fascinating research studies to me was that of Phillip Zimbardo…

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Wellness Is Over. Now What?

Or how do I self-actualize when I can't get my nails done? 

Attention you people new to self care. You're in the presence of a master. 

  • I learned to meditate my first day of college in my intro…
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