Moments of Hope

Not Now, Honey. I've Got a Client.

(originally published October 27, 2020, as an article on LinkedIn) (c) Nora Canfield

Snapshots of a Workaholic  March 2013. Nashville, Tennessee. 

I'm on vacation. Well, I'm supposed to be on vacation. 

My (second) husband moved to…

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Hope Is Not A Business Plan

(originally published October 22, 2020, as an article on LinkedIn. Image:

Three months ago, I hit a new low. 

I was looking at my bank accounts online. My two business checking accounts totaled $40 and…

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Wellness Is Over. Now What?

Or how do I self-actualize when I can't get my nails done? 

(originally published October 5, 2020, as an article on LinkedIn)

Attention you people new to self care. You're in the presence of a master. 

  • I learned to…